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 Our blog was initially created in May 2012 to help families understand the dangers and seriousness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). More importantly we were focusing on the STD those impact individuals their whole lives such as AIDS, herpes. It is important for individuals that are ill and diagnosed with these diseases to act responsibly in terms of communicating their illness with others to prevent the spreading of the disease. Unfortunately however there are many individuals infected however do not speak out or at times aren’t even aware of the disease they carry and the virus spreads rapidly resulting in innocent people’s lives being drastically impacted forever. Luckily there are laws in place now that help stop this from happening and an individual that continues to spread the STD is considered a criminal and will be charged and persecuted according to the law. Persecution consists of jail time and fines.
After learning of two women in Freedom Plaza care center whose lives were drastically changed as a result of a sexual act with the Director of “Housekeeping department” at the Freedom Plaza care center we decided to publicize the incident on our blog with all the details. Over a short period of time more and more details have surfaced and we have been able to make that public as well. These two women have backed down over the last six years in attempts to publicize the horrible acts; they have been targeted by others anonymously as a result of trying to speak out. They have received phone calls, emails, and letters with threats. The women have been able to catch the director of “Housekeeping department” making threatening comments. Even after all this time and information being tracked the only response received when the information was presented to authority was via email and it simply stated, don’t worry for that it’s no big deal, As a result of what these women have been through we believe it is important for us to step in and help their cause be heard. Our blog now has a valid reason to ask for help from the public and support from others to get these women and hundreds of others the help they need, yet at the same time be able to punish the monster that has initiated all the pain and suffering, the director of “Housekeeping department” . We are also planning to not only voice the cause but also take it a step further and create a story line comic strip which will help the readers view the story and issue through a cartoon setting.

If the law and the corporation directors don’t help us cause, we will do everything necessary? We will do this through the publicity we can bring to the situation. After all the company has been informed if they don’t move a finger, we will! At the end of the day employees at a hotel should not be allowed to have sexual encounters in those rooms either as this could be transmitted to the Freedom Plaza residents. All parties involved and knowledgeable of the situation should be punished and reprimanded from their positions at the Fredom Plaza Care Center.

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