Freedom plaza sun city without threats Mr. STD

We do not accept any kind of threat to change our web site. 

We are not outside the law, we meet with her and the right to protect women and our daughters of bad people,  Jorge sample, who use their manager position  offering opportunities best work, money and gifts everything looking for take sexual advantage of employed, using the Freedom Plaza  residents apartment but right now he use too offices, bathrooms, guess residents apartments etc. 

Not feel afraid of legal threats that we are receiving  Our Constitution  protects Our free expression! the cartoons are part of free expression, plus the smartest way to tell who are infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases  " Don't spread the poison don't be selfish"

 Jorge infecting a lot women in the last 15 years and continue  believing  that the law can not punish him, BIG MISTAKE, the public shame is the way to teaching him about moral and honor. 

It is not enough, we are working on building a website that devotes its main idea representing Jorge for the world includes some really impressive extras like video and sound. 

Jorge is a sexual predator

No no and we will not stop, is the effect of the snowball that grows because not was stopped in time.

Women Caring Women Health!

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"No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent"