Care center Peoria AZ senior housing, some risks!

No make sense a men that knowing is infected with a forever std, spread the virus to healthy women.

Is Our cause is why we are fighting and supporting in the world the abuse in the workplace!!

We are telling this history right now, in short we will be have more similar and dramatic histories in other companies and countries!

1. Today we want to inform the world and the city of Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix about Jorge Magana was spread std in a workplace, this is a criminal conduct.

The STD has been infecting the employees, coworkers and possibly residents in Freedom plaza Senior Assisting Living for the past 15 years, this will allow innocent people to be deceived.

2. Set an example of how an issue can have a drastic impact on a corporation primarily when the directors of the business abuse their role by manipulating and abusing the employees. In this case the director of housekeeping takes sexual favors from the employees offering to them advancement opportunities, gifts and money. This is unfair and injustice to individuals rights. Note that no weapons were used however all the women involved were infected with the STD , yet at the same time others were affected as well as they resided in the rooms where these acts were held and subject to the awful environment.

3. The acts that the law is attempting to need to be brought to light and corrective action must be taken as the coverage is minimal and we must get the state and national government involved.

4. Jorge Magana is just an example of what many leaders do in the world, we want to send us your story so we can show the world tell women a way to get help and support when managers do not pay serious attention to issues and facts that are harmful to an individual.
STD Testing Is Important!

5. It would not be very difficult to sue Jorge Magana in court for criminal charges and ask a judge to order a blood test to check our complaints, but the fact that we are married housewives home and still work on site in addition to our jobs are important for us that makes going to court a very difficult step to make but we are considering, when the judge has the results in his hands the world will know that everything we say is true.

6. Thanks to the economic cooperation that we received via PayPal we hiring an expert in web design to help us install a much larger web site that allows people to tell their stories in addition to the list of sick people that remind you that an individual that is infected with an STD is ill and it is a crime not to report their illness to the innocent party that engages in sexual acts with him or her.

7. We plan to Install some advertising on our blog where one can get support when needed with the simple click of a button and every penny we earn will be pro-family and go directly to protect the public punishment of criminals who watered STD diseases.

8. We believe that shareholders of the Brookdale senior living corporation must know everything that has happened, to take action against the people responsible who have not done anything about it.

9. We believe that the units that have used at the hotel to have sex with the hotel company is stealing, because he has stolen the hotel time as well as the time of the female employees.

10. For those who manage human resources they should also be penalized because they have seen a clear complaint report and also heard about the incident multiple times. Although one may be allowed to still do job interviews and have access to complete criminal checks on employees, they should be held responsible for lack of protection for their existing employees. It is crucial that they implement an onsite training to handle these types of complaints and issues and protect the working women. By avoiding the situation they are allowing this monster to continue manipulating others including the directors.

11. Although we had to close our first blog created in June 2012 due to legal issues, today we have a free legal adviser that supports the cause.

12. Thanks to all who have supported us, we are currently working with five women that have been affected but know there are many more.

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