STD Blog Rules

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Blog Rules !

1.       You can post your stories and allow for us to help people find solutions to their problems, you should not use foul language or threatening comments or anything involving violence, we promote public ridicule as punishment, shame and inferiority complex is a effective STD to let you know that criminals should think before infecting others regardless of sex.
2.       No negative comments of any kind allowed!
3.       Ok to post and voice your opinion on and against criminal STD
4.       All kinds of legal suggestions are accepted
5.       If reference to the name of a person is needs to be clear where you work and the position also has the location of the company.
6.       Romantic revenge is not allowed
7.       The failures of love relationships is not needed here
8.       Graphic design is well accepted and what we are trying to promote if you want to tell a story using comic cartoons cartoon making is welcome and we will give you first page.
9.       You can only posting harassment corporate cases, cannot include cases of domestic violence do not have enough space on the hard drive, we focus on harassment within the business.
10.   You cannot also use recordings and music videos if you have them, but that option will be available in the future.
11.   You may publish letters and notes showing or proving criminal activities involving STD
12.   You are responsible for what you post, we the creators of this blog create our story out of morality and respect for life and the family that is our reason for being in existence.
13.   We support this cause and target to soon publish our ads, which will give us pennies to help us improve our blog, and our web site.
14.   For over a year now we have been trying to move forward with our project, we know we have to invest many more years or maybe less, but we believe and know it's worth the effort.

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